SS.COM :: Welcome to my new self-improvement project.

USER :: "Self-improvement project?"

SS.COM :: Right. Self-improvement project, Sparky. What didn't you understand about that?

USER :: "So you're not trying to sell anything? Or pop-up weird pornography ads to people who visit your site?"

SS.COM :: Nope. The overall goal of this site is to showcase my abilities when it comes to applying XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Perl and JavaScript. Think of Swordstyle.com as a nice little sandbox where I can freely play with the ever-changing technologies of the web. Though, I should admit, that I might be trying to sell myself a little bit...just a little.

USER :: "So why am I here then?"

SS.COM :: I don't know. I didn't invite you...someone else probably did. But I can say that if you have come here there'll be some things that you can read, look at, interact with and maybe even contribute. I make no guarentees regarding content, only that there will be content added to Swordstyle.com @ some point in the future.